Educational Outreach

 Virtual Reality Headsets

Participants put on the virtual reality goggles to experience what is it like to harvest crops such as corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, potatoes, or sweet potatoes.  The Virtual Reality headsets can be requested through your local county extension office and does not require a member of the Northeast Ag Expo team to be present at the event.

To Request the VR Headsets:  

1. Contact your local N.C. Cooperative Extension Center, if you need help locating your county office click HERE

2. Complete the online request form: VR Headset Request Form*

3. Sign and scan to the Northeast Ag Expo Agri-Pride VR Headsets Measures & Procedures Agreement form

**We strongly encourage that if you are using the VR Headsets that you use them indoors, they can overheat quickly in the sun outside and diminish the overall lifespan of the headset itself**

*Please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to the desired pick-up date. 

**Requests will not be considered until both forms are received. 

The Agri-Pride Simulator

The Agri-Pride Simulator is an educational tool, developed as a collaborative effort between the Northeast Ag Expo Team, NC State Extension, East Coast Equipment, and Farm Bureau in the 6 northeast Expo counties.  Participants step into the cab of a combine, have a seat at the controls, and are greeted with a welcome message. They then choose either corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, potatoes, or sweet potatoes by selecting an icon on the control tablet touch screen. After choosing their crop they look out the windshield of the combine and learn about the selected crop as they ride along while it is harvested. They can also toggle between a few screens on the yield monitor. Knowledge gained includes the cost of equipment, the value of the crop raised, uses of the crop raised, and nutritional information. See the YouTube video showcasing the Simulator below.

The Agri-Pride Simulator requires a member from the Northeast Ag Expo team to bring the trailer to your event and help run the station.  Typically the Agri-Pride simulator is best enjoyed at events with a rotation schedule to allow small groups of participants to give everyone a chance to step in to experience what it feels like to drive a big green machine!  The Agri-Pride Simulator is available at no cost for agriculture field days, schools, fairs, trade shows, commodity groups, etc. If you are interested in having the Simulator at your next event, follow the instructions below!

**The Agri-Pride Simulator is undergoing maintenance and upgrades.  At this time were are not accepting request for the Agri-Pride Simulator.  Please check back at this website for updates.  Thank you for your patience.**

Questions? Contact the Perquimans County Cooperative Extension Center

601A S Edenton Rd St, Hertford, NC 27944

phone (252) 426-5428

fax (252) 426-1646