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8:45-9:00am  Welcome  
 9:00-10:00am Diamond Sponsor Presentations  
 10:00am-12:00pm Program    
 Maximizing Corn Yield and Early Emergence  Dr. Ron HeinigerNCSU Professor and Corn Extension Specialist 
 Corn Starter Fertilization: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Placement  Dr. Carl Crozier NCSU Soil Science Extension Specialist
  High Moisture Wheat Harvest and Double Crop Soybeans Dr. David Holshouser Virginia Cooperative Extension Soybean Specialist
 Insect Management in Double Crop Soybean Systems    Dr. Dominic Reisig NCSU Entomology Extensi
 High vs. Low Management Sorghum  Dr. Angela Post

Scott Tilley
NCSU Small Grains Extension Specialist 

NCSU Field Crops Area Specialized Agent
 Plant Populations x Sorghum Variety  Dr. Angela Post

Scott Tilley
 NCSU Small Grains Extension Specialist

NCSU Field Crops Area Specialized Agent
 Early and Late Season Sorghum Official Variety Trial  Ryan HeinigerNCSU Official Variety Testing Program Director
  Sorghum Weed ManagementDr. Wes Everman NCSU Weed Extension Specialist 
12:00pm Lunch