Event Overview

This year's Northeast Ag Expo Field day will feature corn and some new technologies.  Please join us on Thursday, July 30  at Bear Garden Farms, LLC at 1072 South 343, Shiloh, NC 27974.  The farmers hosting the event are a father and son team, Sim and Simeon Williams.  In the left sidebar, you will find navigation links to register for the event and also details on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor at this year's event.  


Location: Bear Garden Farms, LLC

1072 South 343, Shiloh, NC 27974

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015

Registration:  TBA

Tour of Plots and Presentations: TBA

Northeast Ag Expo Team
meets with Simeon Williams, 
farmer, and Dr. Ron Heiniger,
at the field day site in
December 2014.

   The site of the 2015 Northeast Ag Expo,  

  which is in the community of Shiloh.


The fields to be used for various tests 
focusing on corn.

Falcon soil sampler used to take zone soil 
samples of the fields.

Dr. Ron Heiniger, and Leah Boerema, calibrates a 
device, which measures soil conductance that 
gives insight into various soil physical properties.